Fire Alarm Systems


All commercial buildings require a proper fire alarm system and when was the last time you had yours updated? Our fire alarm team are certified with NICET, manufacturer, and state licenses to ensure your building is up to code and ready for occupancy.

Fire alarm pull station

Fire Alarm Installation

From the design to the hand over, our team can make sure that your system is up to code, covers all areas of occupancy and train you to understand your system. We’re able to assist in installation of any panel that you see fit, including Honeywell, Silent Knight, and Siemens. We can also assist with the following:

  • Regulations
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Yearly Test & Inspect

Monitoring, Test & Inspect

Have the convenience of all your needs for fire alarms met with a one-stop shop. We provide the ability to not only have your system installed, but to help with monitoring and your yearly test and inspect to ensure your system is running smoothly. Allow our monitoring system to be set up to your needs with those that need to be notified, to receiving SMS Messages instead of a call and only during set hours of time. Let’s adjust your system to work best for you, instead of just dealing with a system that doesn’t. Let our certified technician handle the yearly test and inspection to ensure that all systems are still running correctly and up-to-date.

Technician working on fire alarm panel

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