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Deadline: May 5th at 5 p.m. Mountain Time

Communication Resources is excited to offer the Communication Resources Educational Scholarship, for students pursuing post-secondary education. By granting this scholarship to the appropriate candidate, we hope to encourage the ongoing desire to learn and achieve at the highest levels and support students in their pursuit of meeting their professional development goals. Communication Resources strives to encourage students to pursue a degree in technology, business, or related fields. Examples of applicable degrees are: Electronic Technology, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Technology, Business Management, Business Marketing, Teaching (emphasis on Industrial Technology or Business) at the secondary education level, Project Management, Construction Engineering, and other related fields within the technology industry.


Communication Resources started in Missoula, MT in March of 2004. Like many small businesses, it started out very small in the basement and garage of the our owner’s home. Communication Resources’ mission has always been focused on helping small businesses, commercial and industrial clients, and government entities obtain or improve an efficient telecommunication, security, and life safety system. This has been accomplished by providing connectivity, solutions, and peace of mind in the ever-evolving world of technology. Our goal is to continue to grow and service the state of Montana and states across the Pacific Northwest and Midwest with their technology and telecommunication needs.


Please provide the following information when writing your essay for the Communication Resources Educational Scholarship. Make sure that the documents you are writing are separate from one another.

  • In a short paragraph write a statement describing how this scholarship will provide you with the financial assistance you require to achieve a degree in higher education at the university or college you are attending.
  • Write a five-paragraph essay describing the following: Why are you pursuing a degree affiliated within the technology or business industries?
    • Provide a clear and concise introductory paragraph with a thesis statement answering the essay prompt.
    • Provide three body paragraphs that support your thesis statement.
    • Provide a clear and effective concluding paragraph.
  • Essays should be 1 to 2 pages in length and written in Times New Roman font in size 12. Please follow proper MLA formatting.
  • When referencing another person’s work, make sure that you provide an appropriate works cited page with correct citations within your document.
  • Essays will be checked for plagiarism and AI-generated content. Communication Resources takes the matter of plagiarism seriously. Any essay found not properly citing information using the ideas, writings, works or inventions of another will be immediately disqualified.


Please provide full and accurate information. All information will be held in the strictest confidence.

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We provide onsite IT services, including telecommunication, security, and life safety system installations. We install and do networking for a wide array of technology, even if the technology is new to market.

Our technicians are trained to install many different technology systems. We also test your network to ensure everything is 100% functional.

Scalable Services

Our mission is to provide unmatched expertise and exceptional services to companies and service providers of all sizes, and we can scale to meet the challenges of complex projects.

Whether you’ve just bought a new office phone system, need to upgrade your network, are needing maintenance, in need of repair, or are simply shopping around, getting a quote from our technicians is easy.


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