Details matter. Our indifference or ineptitude to details can have catastrophic consequences. Famously, the band Van Halen had a strange little clause hidden in their contracts with venues. They had a very long contract that detailed how the building was to be set up, how the rigging would be fastened, how the backstage was to be organized; all in great detail. Most of this was for the safety of the band as they literally flew around the stadium. But hidden in the contract was a rider that said they wanted a bowl of M&Ms in their green room – and they didn’t want any brown M&Ms in the bowl. How insane, right? Or maybe it was genius. You see, if David Lee Roth came into the green room and saw brown M&Ms in the bowl, he knew he couldn’t trust anything else to be done correctly. They would then go through every single detail and double check it so they could be confident that the details were done correctly.

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