I think the secret of life can be boiled down to priorities. When we do things in the proper order, they tend to work out. Of course, this is an engineer’s perspective so my artist friends may have a different opinion! But I think I could get them to agree that in business if we focus first on people, long-term success is much more likely. It is often easier to focus on products or profits. The variables are simpler. We don’t get as frustrated with those inanimate concepts. But with people, we have all the messy variables to deal with. People have bad days. People deal with depression and struggle with other issues. People have family problems that weigh down on them. People get distracted. People get tired. People get bored. People get upset. Maybe Jim Morrison was right:  people are strange! But let’s focus on them first. Take care of our employees, our customers, our communities, and we will let the profits take care of themselves.

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