I have somehow developed this weird thing. I am comfortable being uncomfortable. I put myself in so
many situations and experiences that are just terrible, but I just keep doing it. I am naturally a very shy
person. So, I forced myself to do public speaking until it was something I was comfortable with. I would
sweat and be out of breath and was terrified at first. And for quite a while. And then I just kept doing it. I
have a hard time meeting new people, it causes a lot of anxiety in me. And I force myself to do it all the
time. I once jumped out of a perfectly good plane (with a parachute). I’m not really scared of heights but
still, what was I thinking? Someday I will tell you that story too. Trust me, it was not this “magical”
experience that people describe. It was terrible for almost the entire trip down. I can’t think of a Quote
of the Day or a Song of the Day that would go with that story. Hopefully someday I do, the story is entertaining. 

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